Move Out Checklist Form

Read the entire document to get your security deposit back

Proper move-out notice:

We need written notice 30 days in advance prior to the 1st of
the month. Move-outs are on the last day of the month. We need to receive notice the month
before moving out. For example, if you are moving out by Oct. 31, we need the written
notice by Sept. 30th at the latest. You owe rent for the full move-out month (even if you
move out mid-month.

General Condition:

The apartment must be vacuumed and mopped. All appliances, cabinets, countertops,
sinks, tub(s), and toilet(s) must be cleaned. All trash, furniture, and belongings must be
removed from the interior and exterior of the property. Do not put furniture in the dumpster
or by the curb.

Move Out Procedures

Microwave-inside/exterior: Clean and free of food and grease(Required)
Counter tops: Clean and dust-free(Required)
Dishwasher inside/exterior top of door, inside, & door seal: Clean and free of food and grease(Required)
Freezer inside/exterior: Clean residue, crumbs, spills(Required)
Refrigerator in/out/top/sides/bottom/drawers/seal: Clean and free of food and grease(Required)
Cabinet/pantry/drawers-interior/exterior: Clean crumbs, spills, residue(Required)
Above cabinets (b/w cabinet/ceiling): Clean and free of food and grease(Required)
Sink fixtures: Clean basin, drain, faucet(Required)
Stovetop: Clean spills, knobs, all grease and food, clean under burners(Required)
Oven exterior/interior: Clean racks, spills, storage drawer(Required)
Remove all cooking stains: From range, drawer, and burners. Make sure all racks are clean and remain intact(Required)
Floors: Crumb, spill free, swept and mopped(Required)
Bathroom sink: Clean soap scum, residue and functioning drain(Required)
Medicine cabinets: Clean inside & out(Required)
Mirrors: Clean and Windex(Required)
Toilet inside/exterior: Clean seat above and below(Required)
Toilet: Clean around and behind toilet(Required)
Toilet: Clean base of toilet(Required)
Tubs/Showers: No soap scum or mildew, clean faucet and soap dish(Required)
Floors: Free of hair and urine(Required)

Any carpeting must be professionally steam cleaned and stain free. A receipt must be presented. If you prefer that we have it done, the charge of ($150) will be deducted from your deposit. Charges will also be made for any damages, i.e., cigarette burns, stains, and torn carpeting.

We expect to put on one coat of paint. If any additional painting or repairs are necessary, you will be charged.
Baseboards: Dusted and cleaned(Required)
Light switches: Cleaned(Required)
Windows: Clean glass, sills, etc(Required)
Sliding doors: Interior and exterior cleaned(Required)
If applicable: Your storage bin must be emptied and the lock removed.(Required)
Animal Hair

If you have had animals all hair must be gone. Please thoroughly vacuum all spaces, corners, shelves closets, walls corners, blinds, ceiling fans, etc. There should be no “animal smell” left in the apartment. If additional cleaning and deodorizing are necessary the security deposit will be deducted.
Security Deposit Refunds

Your security deposit will be refunded if all of the following terms have been met:
Helpful Reminders
Duke Energy(Required)
It is your responsibility to contact Duke Energy and transfer service back into our name on your move out date.
Forward your mail(Required)
Forward your mail to your new address by contacting the local post office. Tip: Visit to forward your mail
Return the keys(Required)

You will be charged rent until all keys (including mailbox keys) are labeled and returned to 1316 Morten Street, Rent Drop Box, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You must include your forwarding address with your keys.

New Address

Security deposit letters will be mailed within 30 days of your move out date IF you have included your new address with the keys.

We wish you the best in your new home. Thanks for renting from us!

Good luck with your move.